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Just call us at 732-801-7472

No.  All we require is the deceased legal name

No.  We will take care of any required paperwork.

No.  We can perform the scattering  and send you a certificate documenting the internment.

Yes.  We have vessels to accommodate up to 49 passengers.

Yes.  You can perform any type of religious service or prayer service you wish.

Usually we can accommodate you with only several days notice.

Yes.  You can scatter upon the water any biodegradable flowers or wreath. 

No.  We can scatter the ashes on the water directly from the container you receive from the crematorium. 

Yes.  We prefer biodegradable urns but for religious reasons you may use a solid  urn.
How do I start the process ?

Do I need to present any documentation?

Do I need to get a permit?

Do I have to accompany the remains to the scattering site?

Can I/we attend the scattering?

Can we have a religious clergy attend and perform a service?   

How far in advance do I need to book the service?

Can we scatter flowers on the water along with the ashes?

Do we need an urn?

Can we deposit an urn in the water?